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Spain & Portugal (peninsula)

SPAIN PENINSULA | For all shipments to Spain (peninsula) SHIPPING COSTS and REIMBURSEMENT COSTS are FREE for orders equal to 2 cartons or more. For orders of a single carton, 6 € will be included in the invoice.

PORTUGAL PENINSULA | Shipments to Portugal peninsula are free for orders over 10 cartons and 120 pairs (orders less than 10 cartons will charged 6 €/carton). For shipments outside Portugal peninsula will be quoted separately.


CANARIAS | If your shipments are destined for the Canary Islands, we can arrange transport to your store according to the price list shown here. If you reach 10 BOXES and 120 PAIRS, transportation is FREE. In any case, the CUSTOMS CLEARANCE at destination and the LOCAL TAXES will be paid by the client directly to the transport agency.

BALEARES | Shipments to the Baleares Islands are FREE for orders over 10 cartons and 120 pairs (orders less than 10 cartons will charged 6 € / carton). The cash on delivery is free.

CEUTA & MELILLA | For these destinations Meiva pays the DUA and puts the goods in the transportation agency that the client indicates. Here we suggest some transport agencies:

Shipping to European Union countries

We manage the transport and we include it in the invoice. As soon as we reply to the availability of your order, we will also confirm the shipping costs.

Shipments outside the European Union

In this case, transportation is not included in the price. The conditions of sale for these cases are ex-works, that is, the client manages the transportation to pick up at our facilities. If this is your case and you do not have a regular transport agency, do not hesitate to ask us and we will send you to one of the transport agencies with which we work.

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